Canvas Printing

Canvas Stretching


If you have a digital file that you would like printed and framed you can choose the button “Browse and Upload” below.

Then you simply upload your file, choose which medium you would like it printed on (eg. Photographic paper, canvas etc.) then choose from the drop down menu what size you would like the print to be.

Once your print details are chosen, click on the button “Frame image”. Here you will see a visualisation of your framed print. You can change the wall colour to the colour of your walls at home, then click on the “frames” tab to select which frame you would like.

Once you have your frame selected, you can choose the matboard colour. The matboard is the coloured card which goes between the print and the frame. The matboard keeps the glass from touching the print and also helps protect the print from acids and humidity which are in the air and can damage artwork over time. You can frame without a matboard if you need to keep costs down, just select the “remove mat” option on the mat selection page.

Lastly select the type of glass in the “Glazing” section. Please note that actual glass can only be used on frame which are going to addresses in metropolitan Melbourne. For addresses outside of Melbourne, Plexiglass must be used. This is due to the likelyhood of breakage when frames are couriered long distances, and it also keeps the weight of the frame down, saving you shipping costs.

Then just add your order to the shopping cart and check out. Normally the finished frame will be delivered to you within a week!

Please note: If no "Browse and upload" button is visable, sorry, but your device is not supported on this site. Please use another computer.

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Digital images

Resolution quality from most digital cameras can vary. For best results, use a camera that is at least 3 megapixels and take your photo at the highest setting.

Scanned images

If you are starting with a physical photograph or piece of art, scan at 300 dpi resolution for best results. If you don't have a scanner, take it to your local copy store and have it scanned. Or you can take a photo of your artwork with a digital camera. Then you can upload the image from your computer.